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Talent Acquisition and the ARTS


Many companies know how important it is to hire candidates who have ARTS in their background. The James and Veronica Schreiber Foundation Inc, will continue to help companies understand and support this valuable asset in hiring.

We have partnered with GRTAS, LLC to help companies with their Talent Acquisition needs with cost effective and efficient  programs. These  programs are designed to take into consideration both "For Profit" and "Non-Profit" companies budgets. At the same time understanding their needs to attract top candidates for their open positions.

(10% of the earned proceeds  on each specific search will be donated to preserve and promote the ARTS in the Schools in the community where the search takes place.)

Save the ARTS in our Schools


The James and Veronica Schreiber Foundation Inc, is working on a local, state and national level to make sure that all children have access to the ARTS in their schools.

Help us in our Journey


Every child should have a chance to learn and develop a love for the ARTS. With your help, The James and Veronica Schreiber Foundation is going to make that a reality!

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